The Multi-Award-Winning
Self-Machine-Learning Platform™

Use our app-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) and get practical business results today!

  • Prediction of true company behaviour in it’s digital ecosystem
  • It's your own virtual data scientist
  • Widely applicable
  • Facilitates co-creation
  • Personalised
  • No need for an army of data scientists
  • Simple to use

Ready to use

Immediately usable Self-ML Platform™, with a clear interface designed for non-data scientists.


Platform is personalised to your needs and allows you to build your own custom apps.


Use the most highly regarded AI frameworks, such as Spark, R, Elastic and TensorFlow.

Widely applicable

The Self-ML Platform™ can be used across all industry verticals and manage multiple projects in different units at the same time.


PaaS model with fixed and/or shared monthly rates. Continuous updates, support and hosting included.

Ready to help you Disrupt Your Business #RightHereRightNow!

In a post-pandemic world, the winner is no longer the one with the most data in the lake, the biggest enterprise-wide platform for analytics, or the biggest data team.

Today, everything is online, the winner being the one able to predict companies’ behaviour in their digital ecosystem.

The AxonJay Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ is trailblazing and unique in revealing and predicting companies' true behaviour in real-time; offered as a PaaS model.

Our disruptive mission is to make AI and Machine-Learning more accessible and easier to use for any business.

Our Self-ML Platform™ is a state-of-the art tool designed to help you extract actionable intelligence to disrupt your industry and enable sustainable change #RightHereRightNow!

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We can help you respond in real-time to questions such as:

  • How sustainable are your suppliers/customers?
  • Who will need to hire tomorrow?
  • Who will need to make investments shortly?
  • Who will be the fastest grower?
  • How to improve your lead generation?
  • Where are your prospects coming from?
  • Who will change office/move?
  • Who will import/export the most?

Our multi-award-winning Self-ML Platform™ is applicable to all kinds of business:

  • Marketing
  • Sustainability / Greenwashing Prevention
  • Trade & Export
  • Telecom & IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Call Centres & e-Commerce
  • Wholesale & Logistics
  • Travel & Leisure

AxonJay can help you look beyond the data and into the TRUE behaviour in real-time

Typical questions

  • How sustainable are my suppliers/partners?
  • How sustainable are my customers?
  • How do we create more sustainable savings products, pension funds?
  • How can we support cities, municipalities and and public sector to source more sustainable suppliers to deliver on the their targets for 2030 and onwards?
  • How can we support new ecosystems being created in assessing the level of sustainability in real-time?

*Industries we have worked in:

  • Sourcing & procurement.
  • B2B lead generation.
  • Finance & Banking.
  • Public sector.
  • New ecosystems.

  • *Our Self-ML Platform™ is applicable to any business who needs to assess the level of sustainability.

Fact box:

Why is the AI so accurate?

The secret ingredient is what we call 'Self-Machine-Learning.' The unique AxonJay Self-ML Platform™ automates many of the complicated and time-consuming tasks required to build machine-learning models. It's faster, cheaper, more flexible and more accurate than traditional machine learning.

The AxonJay Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ uses continuous feedback loops to constantly evolve and ensure more precise insights. We combine facts from your own databases with publicly available data so you don’t need an army of data scientists. Our Self-ML Platform™ does it all, in real-time and personalised to suit your needs, whatever business you're in.

What is an ecosystem in today's digital world?

Companies, just like individuals, are part of an ecosystem. In essence, they cannot work independently of the market. In a post-Covid world, with everyone online, decisions cannot be taken using purely historic data or data that the customer already has. There are clues, triggers and signals everywhere.

It’s no longer about the one with the most data in the lake or the biggest enterprise-wide platform for analytics. It’s about who can extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data and from the behaviour in their digital ecosystem.