Are you ready to...



So, you are looking for your chance to make a positive impact on the world?

We get you! The Power of passion is unstoppable! ❤️

Does that mean we belong together?
Well, maybe we do 😉

Would you call yourself a "disruptive expert with purpose in AI"?

Yes? Then we should definitely meet. Our door is always open to all wholehearted individuals who vibe with AxonJay's purpose and our disruptive culture and journey.

Did you know that we truly believe in the principle of "The Six Degrees of Separation"? So we probably already have at least one contact in common? Pretty cool? Do you have a friend who would be super excited about joining our movement? If so, share him/her the news.

Pick a (for now only EU) country you want to work from and we’ll get there. We are pan-European disruptive start-up with remote virtual offices in Brussels-London-Paris-Stockholm-Zurich-Ljubljana-Copenhagen-Frankfurt-Milan-Madrid. But we do have a super cool co-living space in Brussels - the AxonJay Tribe HQ, where we often meet and make plans on how to make the world a better place. 😊

I know you see hundreds of job ads looking for IT & Science experts. But you know, this is not just a regular job post. There is so much more. We are building an international tribe and one of the things we have set out is to change the game in HR & Recuruiting, Finance & Banking, Marketing, Sustainability, ...

One more thing, we really are a Tribe. We support each other on all levels (body, mind, spirit, soul, heart) and we encourage ourselves with personal / career and spiritual growth. We believe in the power of open heart energy, universal frequencies and we are strongly striving towards (higher) connection with nature and rise of collective consciousness.

You have an amazing opportunity to make a huge impact in the world and we're not even joking about that. We are inspired by nature and are strong believers in biomimicry. Please read our scientific articles.

So how to reach out to us?

Here is the process... we are totally different:
Don't send us your past.
Don't send us your CV.
Don't send us any of that standard stuff.

We care about you.
We care about the future.
We care about your passion.
We care about positively impacting the world.

This is what you should do:
Show us one of your most disruptive projects. (private or professional)
Send a description of the project - max one A4-page
Or make a recording of yourself with your phone, presenting your case.

Send either the A4 page or the film to
or .

Come and join us. A next generation post-pandemic company that helps its customers to #DisruptWithPurpose #RightHereRightNow and does business with heart!