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Unlocking AI for any business in the world!

AxonJay is a multi-award-winning global deep-tech company that developed a trailblazing & unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ which reveals & predicts companies' true behaviour in real-time.

We have invented the Data Peeling™ technique that is the solution for the data drift and model drift*. It's a unique way to use models and algorithms in real time for every business person and at the same time reduce electricity consumption (Green AI).

* The permanent evolution of data that makes models/algorithms decline in effectiveness.

Our mission is to make AI more accessible and easy to use for any business on a global scale and this in real time.

“AI will never replace you, but someone using AI will.”

AxonJay Goes Crowdfunding!

Fuel the Belgian deep-tech revolution on a global scale

Why join our crowdfunding?

The time is NOW

AI has never been hotter than today, so today is the moment to take your chance and make an investment with huge potential returns.

Belgian deep-tech

Invest in cutting edge technology that is developed in Belgium and contribute to our own Belgian economy.

Global company

AxonJay has its HQ in Brussels, but our Tribe, customers and partners are globally represented and our products have a global reach.

Tax shelter of 25%

As a private person in Belgium, 25% of your investment in AxonJay is tax deductible. This means a reduced risk and high return of investment opportunity!

Affordable tickets

This is your unique chance to gain AxonJay stock for as little as €500 per ticket. This affordable deal is limited to this campaign only.

Hyper scalable

AxonJay has everything it needs to scale globally: our Self-ML Platform™ and Data Peeling™ technique + our products, our Tribe and customers from around the world.

Why is this the moment?

Our story has been for over 2 years in the making, backed by more than 6 years of research. Now the time has come for AxonJay to scale from a trend setting Brussels company, to a global AI and deep-tech disruptor!

How will we put the funds to use?

60% Global Go to Market

Increasing our go to market speed and globalizing our sales engine.

35% R&D

Scaling of our data and deep technology development.

5% Operations

Supporting our growth internally in a sustainable way.

Ready to join our crowdfunding?

They already believe in our global disruptive story!

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