World’s First Self-ML Platform launched

Interview - October 8, 2021

Brussels, Belgium: The AI tech company AxonJay has launched the first ever Self-Machine-Learning Platform; a Platform that uses continuous feedback loops, or reinforced learning to train its algorithms. It puts its customers into the feedback loop so that they can simply teach the Platform to extract the exact information required.

“We’re making machine learning accessible to just about any business,” says founder Jean-Philippe Schepens.

‘Our state-of-the-art Platform mirrors Darwin’s evolutionary theory of natural selection. It learns and reinforces what’s relevant while less relevant information fades out. In short, we’re inspired by the 4.5-billion-year-old algorithm we call earth,” he adds.

The Platform puts its clients into the feedback loop doing away with the need for a team of data scientists or the need to implement a company-wide IT project. Instead, any customer can easily interact with the Platform and evaluate the intelligence its receiving, thereby training the algorithm to exactly suit their needs. 

Self-Machine Learning is a step beyond Automated Artificial Intelligence. The AxonJay Platform is designed to handle an end-to-end project and delivers actionable intelligence in real-time.

Beyond Data
Schepens spent more than ten years working with big data and analytics before he came to what he describes as ‘the natural conclusion.' Companies, just like individuals, are part of an ecosystem. In essence, they cannot work independently of the market. Decisions cannot be taken using purely historic data or data that the customer already has. There are clues, triggers and signals everywhere. 

“It’s the behaviour stupid,” says Schepens. “Data alone just doesn’t work. It doesn’t give you the full picture. In our post-covid world, it’s no longer about the one with the most data in the lake or the biggest enterprise-wide platform for analytics. Everything is going online so it’s about who can extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data and from the behaviour in their digital ecosystem.”

Disrupt with Purpose
Schepens uses the example of sustainability sourcing to highlight the point. If a company wants to source the most sustainable partners to its supply chain, it needs to go beyond just looking at the raw data. By also evaluating missing information and articles revealing patterns of behaviors that don’t match a sustainable company, effective actions can be taken. 

“It is a fundamental mission at AxonJay to use the Self-Machine-Learning Platform to help companies extract vital intelligence from masses of unstructured data,” says Schepens. 

“By matching this with data, recommendations and criteria from organisations such as the World Bank and the UN, the most sustainable suppliers can be sourced. AxonJay can then help companies and organisations build a more sustainable value chain and move towards a more circular economy.” 

“This is what we mean by #DisruptyourIndustry and #DisruptWithPurpose #RightHereRightNow”.

The AxonJay Self-Machine-Learning Platform is being used however for many other purposes today. The Platform is helping companies predict who their next lead/churn is? Who needs cash? Who will make investments shortly? Who needs to hire, just to mention a few? We work with the following sectors but our platform is applicable to all businesses: Finance and Banking to Marketing, HR & Recruitment, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Wholesale & Logistics.

“If you’re running a business and dare to disrupt the status quo, then we would love to talk with you. We have a Platform that can really help you disrupt your industry, right here, right now,” says Schepens.

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About AxonJay:
AxonJay is an AI tech company that uses machine learning to help you extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data and from a company’s behaviour in its digital ecosystem. The company has developed a state-of-the-art Self-Machine-Learning Platform and uses continuous business feedback loops to train its algorithms. It is our mission to make AI and machine learning more accessible and easy to use for any business. AxonJay is a pan-European Tribe with people working in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy and from its HQ/co-living space in Brussels Belgium. AxonJay #DisruptWithPurpose #RightHereRightNow!