Post-Covid Company Hiring with A Heart

Article - November 23, 2021

There is something special going on in the field of recruitment and it simply cannot be ignored. While a lot of companies are struggling to attract IT talent and trying all sorts of innovative approaches and outstanding benefit packages for candidates, one Belgian startup has decided to stop the market madness and take a step back to focus on obvious things that most people take for granted these days.

During the selection process they offer their future “tribe members” open, transparent communication and essential human right to feel and to be the most authentic version of themselves – to not only to be seen as an expert but most importantly as a human being.

AxonJay is a new AI tech company with one of a kind Self-Machine Learning Platform that monitors companies’ online behavior without the need for large scale data integration, data analyst teams or internal project-management. 

“Companies, just like individuals, are part of an ecosystem. In essence, they cannot work independently of the market. Decisions cannot be taken using purely historic data or data that the customer already has. There are clues, triggers and signals everywhere.” says AxonJay’s founder Jean-Philippe Schepens.

Since their official launch on October 1st, they have managed to hire five new high-profile data science experts including top level MBA students. So, what’s their secret?

“Well, like with the AxonJay Platform, business decisions can not only be based on historic data. The same applies to HR where decisions in the recruitment area cannot be made purely on a CV. We inspire candidates to show us who they really are (beyond their expert persona) and give them opportunity to create a bond with AxonJay from their first contact” says Anja Žibert, Human Relations Tribe Leader, who defines her role as someone who is also helping to “align energies” between (future) tribe members a - as AxonJayer’s call themselves. 

This has proven to be an approach with outstanding results. Their innovative recruiting campaign has attracted more than 50 applicants from all over the world and based on feedbacks it’s something candidates really miss in recruitment processes – empathy, open honest communication, integrity and mutual respect (of time and energy). 

“We are learning by doing, everyone is different as a person and we cannot expect there won’t be any challenges during the process of future AxonJay expansion. But we strongly believe that we are all connected on this planet and we are attracting each other based on frequencies. Recruitment in AxonJay is connecting open heart energies with natural abilities and skills. We are “breaking the wall” to truly recognize each other’s true potential.

We don’t chase the right candidates, we attract them. We don’t use our power to dictate the terms, but rather give the opportunity to candidates to get all the information they need to decide if they want to invest their time to speak to us. We believe this is how it should be also in recruitment…time and energy are very precious but unfortunately limited commodities that we shouldn’t be taking for granted – neither of us.”

Well, they must be doing something right. AxonJay has been recently recognized as one of the most promising Belgian tech startups by Belgian Finance and offered its full support with their future activities on international markets. 

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For more information please contact:

Jean-Philippe Schepens,
Founder & CEO
+32 471 80 80 82

Anja Žibert,
Human Relations Tribe Leader
+386 70 369 999

About AxonJay:
AxonJay is an AI tech company that uses machine learning to help you extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data and from a company’s behavior in its digital ecosystem. The company has developed a state-of-the-art Self-Machine-Learning Platform and uses continuous business feedback loops to train its algorithms. It is our mission to make AI and machine learning more accessible and easier to use for any business. AxonJay is a pan-European Tribe with people working in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Italy and from its HQ/co-living space in Brussels Belgium. AxonJay #DisruptWithPurpose #RightHereRightNow!