Houston, we have a problem! Recruitment is in crisis. Who will hire tomorrow (not yesterday)?

Article - November 26, 2021

These days, when it seems that the world is spinning insanely fast and most of the companies from various industries have a hard time to cope with hiring demands, recruitment agencies are stepping up to save the situation. But are they really? In most cases the client will call the recruitment company and say that they need, for example, 5 sales guys NOW! And the agency will find that for them.

What if there would be a way that would enable recruitment agencies to get this information before and allow them to target these companies with the right profiles even before the crucial call? Well, this is in fact possible. AxonJay is a Pan-European AI tech company with its HQ in Belgium that uses Self-Machine Learning to help users extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data and from a company’s behaviour in its ecosystem. What does that mean? It means that they can accurately predict which company will be hiring, when they will hire, and what types of roles and profiles they will be needing based on intelligence, signals, triggers and clues they can extract from the digital ecosystems. 

Companies, just like individuals, are part of an ecosystem. In essence, they cannot work independently of the market. In a post-Covid world, with everyone online, decisions cannot be taken using purely historic data or data that the customer already has. There are clues, triggers and signals everywhere. 

The secret ingredient is what they call ‘Self-Machine-Learning.’ The unique AxonJay Self-ML Platform automates many of the complicated and time-consuming tasks required to build machine-learning models. It’s faster, cheaper, more flexible, and more accurate than traditional machine learning. It uses continuous feedback loops to constantly evolve and ensure more precise insights. They combine facts from their own databases with publicly available data, so users don’t need an army of data scientists. And since recruitment agencies are not in general armed with internal data scientists this could really change the game in the hiring industry around the world. 

“In a post-pandemic world, the winner is no longer the one with the most data. In a post-pandemic world everything will be online and the winner is the one who can extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data out there and from a company’s behaviour in its digital ecosystem” says AxonJay’s founder Jean-Philippe Schepens.  

”We can help you to connect the dots and look beyond the structured data, for example financial reporting data, websites and marketing claims, and into all the data that is out there. Digital signals, triggers and clues that can help us predict a company's behaviour and if they will hire/fire in real time.”

“Together with our users we will box the market and the criteria we should look at. They rate the quality of the intelligence they receive and the unique AxonJay Self-ML Platform ends up providing them with a dynamic list of companies (with a timestamp), ranked from most likely to hire to least likely to hire, so recruitment agencies can focus their sales efforts where they matter the most.” 

The AxonJay Self-ML Platform is designed to handle end to end projects faster, more accurately and more efficiently than any other AI tool. 

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For more information please contact:

Jean-Philippe Schepens,
Founder & CEO

About AxonJay:
AxonJay is an AI tech company that uses machine learning to help you extract actionable intelligence from the most relevant data and from a company’s behavior in its digital ecosystem. The company has developed a state-of-the-art Self-Machine-Learning Platform and uses continuous business feedback loops to train its algorithms. It is our mission to make AI and machine learning more accessible and easier to use for any business. AxonJay is a pan-European Tribe with people working in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Italy and from its HQ/co-living space in Brussels Belgium. AxonJay #DisruptWithPurpose #RightHereRightNow!