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Article 1 - May 20, 2022

Today is the introduction by Tobias and Jean-Philippe, 2 co-founders of AxonJay.

We’re surrounded by giant networks "the Internet, our brains, nature, ..." so that got us interested in other network systems and ecosystems. We were always fascinated by ants how they are always uber-busy doing their thing...but how can they be so organized without having agreed on the processes, without having meetings, without decision trees...etc.

How is this possible? Well, it's all in the colony, it's all in the Tribe!

We are impressed by the contrast between the coordinated responses of colonies and the ineffective and incomplete actions of individual ants. In other words, colonies accomplish a lot, but no ant is very competent on its own.

Computing the algorithm: "Anternet" we call it!

For example, ants are really good at collective search; a group of ants can cover the search area thoroughly without any central control. They do it through simple interactions, just touching antennae. When many ants are in a small space, they meet often and tend to take a convoluted path that keeps them stuck in one place. When few ants are in a large space, they don’t meet that often. They stretch out their paths and cover more ground.

In computing, there’s a tradeoff between the amount of information available and the cost of keeping and organizing that information. It's very interesting in ways ants have evolved to solve this basic problem. The analogy to routing algorithms in computer systems where the straightest or shortest path might require a lot of information.

Say you’re driving somewhere unfamiliar, and the exit you want to take is blocked. You can find your way around if you have a map. But how would you do that without any information? Without an address?

Collective search faces a similar problem. Hello Waze…

There are probably many new algorithms that ants have evolved to solve problems like this that we haven’t thought of.

What we need to do is just go look outside…


Take a look: How the Self-ML Platform™ creates value for you

Put simple, the Self-ML Platform™ brings together all interest groups involved in creating value with AI in one place.

By Design, the Self-ML Platform™ holds all the pieces to a trailblazing fast value creation for operational & business departments, giving Analytical and or business Teams a one-stop shop and equipped with a flexible infrastructure to make it easy for IT to integrate into existing landscapes.


What are the main Challenges it can solve and what is the purpose of AI?

Operational & business departments know their processes best and how they work. They are the first and last in line for creating value, as they can easily identify where and how AI can help make their processes more efficient and create better business. This is the purpose of AI; we all know that AI without purpose cannot exist.

Main issue here is, even if other teams create a solution it needs to be tied into the daily workflow, therefore sooner or later an interface is needed. That interface and connection to the business will ensure the AI’s purpose.

Within our Self-ML Platform™, everything needed to create value is orchestrated by the interface for operations.

This means:
- to fulfill the daily tasks at hand
- to be able to show data that is relevant
- to integrate AI in the process to continuously improve (the Feedback Loop)


The Data based on relevant Signals

In a post-pandemic world, the winner is no longer the one with the most data in the lake, the biggest enterprise-wide platform for analytics, or the biggest data team. Today, everything is online, the winner being one able to predict companies’ true behavior in their digital ecosystem, this based on relevant signals.

One culprit ML/AI solutions always have to face is data. With our Self-ML Platform™ you choose the signals that are relevant/impacting your business & operations. The signals are automatically connected to the
data. As we are not a data provider and are not keen to create a huge legacy of data lakes we provide you with data as a process based on relevant signals. That means the data that you know is important is gathered and processed specifically for your product and is only available to you within your Self-ML Platform™ from the moment your product is put in place.


The Self-Machine-Learning Platform™

When you read into AI Models that are publicly discussed they have one thing in common, they are trained and deployed to do a certain task in the best possible way. The key here is that they are meant to do the same thing in the same quality over and over again. That might sound good if you consider a task or process that everyone is doing exactly the same way, but in business operations you need your own flavor.

Our Self-ML Platform™ adapts to the way you are working and therefore creates the best possible results fitting to your way of working and doing business. The data needed based on relevant signals, the calculations and the results shown are continuously improving based on the way you are working with it. This guarantees that you can optimize your way of working and not just see the same things as everyone with standardized models. This is called the Feedback Loop and is unique + automatically embedded in our Self-ML Platform™.


The infrastructure

Another point you or your IT department will worry about is the infrastructure to be used. Especially with GDPR in place, the question about how and where things run, got more important to monitor. With
our Self-ML Platform™, you don’t have to worry, you just have to choose.

The Self-ML Platform™ can run in almost any place you need it to, no matter if on the cloud in a certain region or within your own infrastructure. An easy setup and integration process makes it possible to adapt completely to your needs also on an infrastructure level.


One-Stop-Shop for value creation

This is just the start of a series to give you more insights into how the Self-ML Platform™ can create value especially for your business. In the next articles, we will go into more details about each part that can drive the future products. For now, we hope you already get the bigger picture that our Self-ML Platform™ can be your provider of success with more intelligence in your daily working routines as a one-stop-shop.

Get Smarter everyday through AI.

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