Uses for Human Resources

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Company Monitoring
Upload your customers, prospects or competitors.
Get in real-time updates on their online activities and job posts.

Position Monitoring
Upload positions you have interest in. Find any company looking for these positions.

Position Monitoring
Upload positions you have interest in. Find any company looking for these positions.


Company Hire Prediction
Predict which company in your defined market will hire/lay off people ranked from the most likely to the least likely.

Company Position Prediction
Predict which position in your market will be the hottest in the near future based on companies' true behaviour in their digital ecosystem.

Candidate Matching

Company-Candidate Matching
Upload your CVs on the Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ to match them with current & future positions or hiring companies to place your candidates and beat the market.

Other benefits

  • Monitor changes automatically and in real-time
  • Beat the market by being the first to reach out
  • Free your time so you can focus on people

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The Multi Award-Winning
Self-Machine-Learning Platform™

Use our app-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) and get practical business results today!

  • Prediction of true company behaviour in it’s digital ecosystem
  • It's your own virtual data scientist in real time
  • Widely applicable
  • Facilitates co-creation
  • Personalised
  • No need for an army of data scientists
  • Simple to use

Ready to use

Immediately usable Self-ML Platform™, with a clear interface designed for business people.


The Self-ML Platform™ is personalised to your needs and allows you to build your own custom apps.


Use the most highly regarded AI frameworks, such as Spark, R, Elastic and TensorFlow.

Widely applicable

The Self-ML Platform™ can be used across all industry verticals and manage business challenges in different units at the same time.


PaaS model with fixed and/or shared monthly rates. Continuous updates, support and hosting included.

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