How We Create Your Future, Together... We call it modern AI!

Strategic AI Opportunities

Together, we discover what automated AI can do for your organisation.

Operational Custom AI Solutions

With you, we identify new revenue streams based on automated AI.

Counter Data Drift & Model Drift

We build your custom & impactful AI solution, and automate this on our Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ to be future proof.

Disrupt Your Operating Model

We implement automated AI into your processes and teams to disrupt positively your way of working.

Join the AI Revolution with AxonJay


Meet Our Tribe

Our international Tribe has +100 years of combined operational experience in BI, Machine Learning and AI.


A Global Approach

We have a huge data coverage and access to millions of real time sources to power your automated AI solutions.


Data Peeling™ technique

This is really green AI! By using our unique Data Peeling™ technique, the use of deep learning models is reduced to the bare minimum.



Secured, lawful and ethical use of automated AI is one of our conscious top priorities.


Automated AI, yet tailored

Harness the full power of our Self-ML Platform™ and our smart building blocks to be cost efficient, just for you.


Smart Collaboration

Get evolving and excellent results thanks to your tailored solution and the use of Self-ML Platform™ with unique customized feedback loops.


Leverage of AI

We specialize in reinforcement learning & Q-learning, deep learning, dynamic programming, generative AI, cluster analysis, artificial neural networks, support vector machine and many more.


Market Optimalisation

Our creativity is limitless and based on our mutli-vertical experiences, this is the best way to inspire your company.

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  • Do you want to realise new revenues with AI?
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From Vision to Reality: How AxonJay is Changing the AI Game

Custom AI assistant

AI consultancy is crucial because it aids your business efficiently & effectively and determine which AI based solution is right for your business. We implement automated AI into your processes and teams to disrupt positively your way of working and implement new AI based business streams. We drive knowledge transfer through AI training.

Our Vision

The AxonJay Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ is trailblazing and unique in revealing and predicting companies' true behaviour in real-time offered as a PaaS model.

Our disruptive mission is to make AI and Machine-Learning more accessible and easier to use for any business.

Our Self-ML Platform™ is a state-of-the-art tool designed to help you extract actionable intelligence to disrupt your industry and enable sustainable change #RightHereRightNow!

Global Expansion Plans

"Our purpose is to democratize AI, and our vision is to become the most sought-after AI tech partner and help businesses disrupt their industry,” states Jean-Philippe.

To accomplish these purposes, AxonJay’s Self-ML Platform™ AI assistants are the key. The company’s AI assistants operate globally and in real time.

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What are the next steps?

  • Contact us and let's get to know each other
  • Agree on timings for a 30-min prep call with your stakeholders
  • Set a date for the #DisruptWithPurpose AI Workshop
  • After the workshop, you receive the list of AI ideas and project estimates